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TrueLearn is a machine learning library for modelling lifelong learner engagement with educational resources.

Get Started#

See the Getting Started for a quick introduction to the package.

Change Log#

This file documents all notable changes to the project.

TrueLearn 1.1.0 (13-08-2023)


  • The option to visualise the variance in Bar, Dot, Line plotters. By default this is enabled except in the Line plotter.


  • Interest Classifier now uses a binary skill representation.

  • The INK Classifier can now be instantiated using a dictionary of parameters

  • Added black border to Rose Plotter to make it easier to distinguish topics of similar colour.

  • Locked the plotly, kaleido and wordcloud dependencies to avoid breaking changes.

  • Radar plotter doesnt show the variance, due to concerns about the representation of variance being misleading.


  • Incorrect weights used in INK prediction

  • Topic label overflow in Bubble plotter. This means that a reasonable number of topics (around 10 to 15) can be plotted for the default image size.

  • Wordcloud now fully supports Python 3.11


  • The orjson dependency, as JSON deserialisation is not our bottleneck and the additional dependency is not worth it.

TrueLearn 1.0.0 (14-04-2023)

  • Initial release!

Authors and Contributors#

KD-7, yuxqiu, sahanbull, deniselezi, aaneelshalman,